5 ways to support arts in education

“Education in the arts is more important than ever. In the global economy, creativity is essential. Today’s workers need more than just skills and knowledge to be productive and innovative participants in the workforce.” – Arne Duncan, U.S. secretary of education

As our nation seeks to continue to be competitive in the global market, the concepts of innovation and creativity have come to the forefront of our educational focus; we’ve seen it here in Kentucky with the recent shift to focusing on 21st century skills. However, we all know that the arts are where students learn to think creatively. This week is National Arts in Education week.  Let’s celebrate!

Get the facts about arts education.
In May, The President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities highlighted recent research concerning arts education. Click here to download the pdf. It is long. If you would like a shorter read, the executive summary contains the highlights of their research as well as recommendations for all arts education stakeholders.

Know what school leaders can do to increase arts education in their schools.
There is a great, short publication produced by the Arts Education Partnership. Click here to access it.

Tell us how the arts are positively affecting your community.
We want to hear about arts education experiences close to you! Please share them with us on our Facebook page or visit the “share your story” section of the arts council website.

Inform policy makers.
Write a letter to your local, state and federal officials about how arts education has affected you and your family.

Show your appreciation.
Send a card to your local arts educator thanking them for the work they do.

Rachel Allen, arts education director

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