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I often find myself daydreaming about the long days of childhood summers growing up in Cynthiana, Ky. Whether riding bikes with my brother, playing in the nearby creek, going to camp, swimming, or creating art and craft with our family friend Mary, every day was an opportunity to discover something new through the beauty of an uninhibited imagination.

Summer is still a magical time for me, although my playtime is much more limited. One thing hasn’t changed—the kid in me still loves a good summertime adventure. And I know many of you do, too.

It was a talk with coworkers of childhood summers that led to the Kentucky Arts Council’s idea to share some Kentucky-fied inspirations with our online community for possible summer adventures discovering arts and culture across the Commonwealth.

A small group of the arts council staff will be taking time to share our own adventures—and suggest some for you to consider—through this blog, on Facebook and Twitter. We hope you’ll follow along with us, and even get in on the fun, as we plan our summer outings.

If you live in Kentucky you must agree – there’s plenty to see and do. So many of the best things about our state are rooted in heritage, history, art and culture. We have compiled a great number of interests in every region of the state to keep you occupied on evenings, weekends and staycation trips. Make sure you check out our blog starting next Wednesday, and every other Wednesday after through the end of August, to get ideas.

We want to hear your ideas, too! We’d love to share your summer arts and culture activities with our social media followers. We hope you’ll take the time to snap a few photos of you, your friends or family participating in the arts, visiting a Kentucky cultural destination, or discovering art in your own hometowns. Send us photos with short captions and descriptors of who’s doing what in your photos, where you are and why other Kentuckians should check it out, and it might be shared through one of our social media outlets. Or simply make suggestions for us and our social media community on Facebook. You can Tweet your adventure using the hashtag #kyarttrip.

We hope you’ll join us as we explore Kentucky music, museums, theaters, arts and culture festivals, Kentucky Cultural Districts and more.

In closing, I want to wish you a great summer and happy and safe travels, wherever your own adventures take you. My personal Kentucky Art Adventure will be a trip to Mayfield, Ky., to visit the Wooldridge Monuments. If you’ve never heard of it, check it out. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and let you know how it goes. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even see you there.

Emily B. Moses, communications director

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  1. The Cowan Creek Traditional Mountain Music School that takes place the last full week in June each year is one great summer adventure. Meet lots of new and very talented people and enjoy traditional music all week as you learn to play or improve your skills with fiddle, banjo and guitar and so much more in a very beautiful setting as you experience genuine multi-generational community spirit. It is located 6 miles out of Whitesburg in Letcher County Ky. This event includes both visual and musical learning . For more adventure you are about 40 miles from The Breaks Interstate park, within 20 miles of the Kingdom Come State Park and 18 miles from The Carr Fork Lake and resort. So much do and more adventure and learning workshops than you can shake a stick at… check the website at

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