A Summer Scavenger Hunt

Ready for summer arts fun? This July, we’ll be hosting a public art scavenger hunt through the Kentucky Arts Council’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Each Tuesday, we’ll post a clue or question pertaining to public art found in different regions of Kentucky. The first person to reply to our post with a picture of the piece, or the place where it can be found, will win a prize!


What is public art?

Public art comes in all shapes and sizes and can be found in many different places. A unique structure, a cool sidewalk, a colorful mural and even statues in a local cemetery can all be examples. Public art is accessible to everyone and is an expression of a community’s history, values or cultural perspective.

The Details:

In an effort to showcase the public art found throughout the entire state, questions and clues will be drawn from places found in eastern, western and northern Kentucky as well as in Lexington and Louisville. After solving the clue or guessing the piece’s location, you can submit any picture of the public art from a past, recent or current trip to the particular area. No Googling! We want these pictures to be from your own experience! The contest will officially begin next Tuesday, July 1.

Happy hunting!


 Alex Newby, Communications Assistant






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