Upcoming deadlines at the Kentucky Arts Council

Summer is certainly a busy time for many people. So we hope you haven’t overlooked the application opportunities that are open – set to close next week – at the Kentucky Arts Council. You only have one chance this year to apply for our popular marketing programs for visual and craft artists and architectural artists! Don’t let them pass you by. Below is a list of opportunities with upcoming deadlines! For more information, we’ve included links to the specific program pages.

Each year, Kentucky Crafted participants are invited to exhibit work at Kentucky Crafted: The Market.

Each year, Kentucky Crafted participants are invited to exhibit work at Kentucky Crafted: The Market.

Kentucky Crafted Program, Aug.  15

Kentucky Crafted is an adjudicated program that provides assistance to Kentucky visual and craft artists through marketing and promotional opportunities and arts business training. In addition to these opportunities, participants of the Kentucky Crafted program are also invited to present work at Kentucky Crafted: The Market, the state’s largest fine art and craft show. For more information on how to apply to the Kentucky Crafted program, visit http://artscouncil.ky.gov/Opportunities/KyCrafted.htm

The TranspARTation Grant, Aug. 15

The TranspARTation Grant assists Kentucky schools and teachers with transportation costs associated with attending arts events or performances at one of several pre-approved arts venues. The grants are awarded based on the number of buses needed for the trip and the mileage from the school to the performance venue or arts event. Applications for the TranspARTation grant are accepted at intervals throughout the year. For more information on the TranspARTation grant, visit http://artscouncil.ky.gov/Grants/TranspARTation.htm

Architectural Artists Directory, Aug. 15

The Architectural Artists Directory is an adjudicated roster of artists with an established work history of projects that include architectural elements and artwork, custom-made fixtures and uniquely crafted building installations. The directory serves as a resource for businesses, homebuilders, architects, interior designers, landscape architects and private clients seeking artists to create unique features for home, commercial and public spaces.  For guidelines or to apply visit http://artscouncil.ky.gov/Opportunities/ArchitecturalDirectory.htm

For information throughout the year on grant program and arts opportunities, be sure to follow the arts council on Facebook or on Twitter, or sign up on our website to receive our twice monthly newsletter, Arts E-news.

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