How do we create enough art to sell at the Kentucky Crafted: The Market?

We are happy to host Kentucky Crafted Artist and February’s Featured Artist of the Month Laverne Zabielski for this week’s guest blog.

First, we create and we like it. We share it with others and they like it. They want one. They say, “You could sell these.” And you begin to ponder the possibility. The first hurdle is not how or where would you sell. The first questions are “how will I make enough to sell” and “how can I let go of this beautiful art that I like so much?”

Having enough inventory is important. I know that people are not likely to enter a booth that appears picked over and sparse. If I want to gross $3,000 at a fair, I know that I need to have at least $6,000 worth of art to sell. I know that no matter how precious a piece of art is, I want to be willing to let it go. Sometimes these are the ones with the highest price. And if it sells too quickly, I know that I priced it too low. Lesson learned.

Rule #1

Know that you are prolific, and you can always make more. Yes, there is much time and energy and thought involved. However, ultimately, when you surrender to the creative aspect of every step in your process, the work flows through you, and art to share happens.

Rule #2

Work to fill stations instead of to finish a product. I always have silk scoured, ready to Shibori pole wrap; I always have silk dyed, ready to steam; and I always have freshly dyed silk ready to sew.

This is my favorite time of the year to create new work for Kentucky Crafted: The Market. I follow trends a little bit, like orange, blue and turquoise. However, following the seasons is more fun, and since I consider my Truly Wearable Art  a “power tool,” it can be worn all year, any year, anywhere, when you want to make a statement. After I Shibori pole wrap the silk or felted merino wool, I create palettes to reflect the colors surrounding me; palettes that will compliment your wardrobe. In late winter, early spring, I add a little bit of each color’s compliment to my formulas as I prepare to drizzle the dye. I am always amazed at how well the fabrics I dye blend with the natural scenes. 

Be Bold. Be Striking. Take the risk to express yourself.  Be prolific. It’s worth it!

By Laverne Zabielski

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