Kentucky’s first Etsy training hits the mark

Congrats to our first Etsy Entrepreneurs who completed the first course of its kind in Kentucky!

craft entrepreneurshipThis free course was available to visual and craft artists with a ready-to-sell handmade product and who were ready to learn how to sell and grow their business through the online creative market, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

The five-week course was divided into five classes, which allowed the students to absorb the knowledge from each class and practice working from home. Each class was packed with informative topics like becoming an entrepreneur, building and marketing a brand, photography, pricing and simple accounting and growing your handmade business. Students completed the course with a beautiful Etsy shop filled with a product ready to sell all over the world.

They also left with the knowledge to make it happen.

I believe this program is a great asset to the community and to our state. My Etsy business has opened many doors for me, including the opportunity to teach this class as well as connect with other Etsy entrepreneurs all over the world. I am able to create and do what I love while making a living, which is something that hasn’t always been easily available to the public. All you need is the knowledge to start. That’s why this class is so important.

I graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 2011 with an art education degree and was disappointed by the job options I had locally. I loved where I lived and didn’t want to compromise what I loved doing in order to make a living. That’s when I discovered Etsy, a handmade marketplace that made it easy to target my business to the people who want to buy the things I make.

It has taken me years to learn and pick up knowledge on how to grow my business on Etsy, so it’s great that Etsy has taken all of their knowledge from sellers and condensed it into a course that students can finish and absorb in only five weeks.

I am excited to see the future of our Etsy entrepreneurs and encourage other communities in Kentucky to partner with the Kentucky Arts Council to provide Etsy entrepreneur training.

Etsy Entrepreneur Instructor
Courtney Howard

Check out our new Hazard Etsy Entrepreneurs and their shops!

Lauren Baker
Evalee Patrick
Sallie Martin
Eugene King
Kathy Fugate

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4 thoughts on “Kentucky’s first Etsy training hits the mark

  1. Do you have plans for a second program? One of my daughters would probably love to attend. Is this a physical classroom or virtual? Thanks.

  2. Stephanie Marsh

    All of the Hazard shops, except the first, have been entered wrong and will not link to the shops. Can you fix this?

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