Good food deserves better: mean mugs

‘Tis the season for me to sound off about serving your delicious holiday food on something better than garbage (i.e. disposable plates, utensils and bakeware). For the 2015-16 holiday season, I am turning my attention to a very specific kitchen item used by a very specific group of aficionados.

Coffee drinkers are serious. There are a few of them at the arts council, and each is almost as passionate about coffee as he or she is about art. As matter of a fact, I have joked that the only acceptable excuse for being late to an arts council meeting is needing to go make another cup of coffee.

If you or someone you know is a coffee enthusiast or just a plain addict, don’t let them go another day pouring their Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee in a Styrofoam cup or hand-me-down mug. Good coffee deserves to be encapsulated and embraced by beauty.

Here are just few examples from the arts council’s “personal” collection (click on the photo for more information about the item):

Obviously these meticulously handcrafted items will cost more than a dollar store mug, but it’s easy to justify the expense for something used daily – sometimes four or five times a day. Besides, it’s a kindness to our environment – a gift for friend and a gift for the earth.

Sarah Schmitt
Arts access director



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