A cup of ambition

Arts appreciators — and even those who don’t know they appreciate the arts — would certainly notice if all the artful products of creative minds suddenly disappeared. We’re sensitive to extremes in scarcity, but are we grateful for what we have in abundance? We’ve all heard “art in everyday life,” “artful living,” or “without art the Earth is just ‘eh.’” But, do we pause, take note and appreciate every time creative people show us that arts are a part of everything and often the reason for doing anything (or the reason for doing anything without incessantly complaining about it)?

I wanted to take a minute to point out the creative work of an artist who — literally — serves an audience who may or may not consider themselves artsy. She makes art with something routine and commonplace for anyone desiring productivity, creative or otherwise. Some of us rely heavily on her medium for survival.

Lauren Hunter-Smith makes art out of coffee, more precisely, lattes. You can see or even consume her craftsmanship in person at Third Street Stuff & Coffee, or you can enjoy her lattes remotely on Instagram.  She’s currently working on her first series, letters of the alphabet illustrated by animals.

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Thank you to all those artists, like Lauren, who make life less ordinary.

Sarah Schmitt, Community Arts and Access Director

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