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web-screencapIt’s a new fiscal year here in Kentucky state government, and with it comes a new face for our online presence,

This website relaunch has come after hours of meetings, rounds of proofreading and more than a spoonful of inspiration until we felt 100 percent confident in “pushing the button” to relaunch the site on the morning of July 1.

As stated in the official Kentucky Arts Council press release unveiling the new site, we have used the five areas of our six-year strategic plan as a framework upon which to build the site structure:

  • Creative Industry
  • Vibrant Communities
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Showcasing the Arts

The creative team charged with crafting the look of the new site had countless hours of discussion to arrive at the end result. Everything down to the size and shape of icon buttons was given careful thought. Design was based on the latest research trends, what constituents have asked for and what is considered to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. A lot of effort and creative thinking went into determining design, even down to the attractive color scheme that is used.

In addition, recreating the website was a fantastic opportunity to do some “spring cleaning” of content on our existing site. All content underwent thorough scrutiny, editing and, in some cases, purging from the site. Users can rest assured that content on the new site will be relevant and up-to-date.

We hope you enjoy this next iteration of our website, and we appreciate your feedback at

Tom Musgrave
Communications Director

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