Cornbread & Tortillas event gets smARTy Award

By Carla Gover


Carla Gover and Yani Vozos

I’d like to thank the Kentucky Arts Council for honoring the first Cornbread & Tortillas
event with a smARTY Award, on behalf of all the artists and volunteers who made the event a success! It makes a difference to know that our peers and colleagues notice and appreciate our efforts, and it helps give us renewed enthusiasm to continue with this good work. Appalatin, Casa de la Cultura Hispana, Jeri Katherine Howell, our volunteers and I were thrilled at how many people came out to support our fledgling project, and look forward to many future events in communities throughout the state. Cornbread & Tortillas is more than a festival. It’s an ongoing series of collaborative projects between artists who believe the best way to build bridges and create community is through music, culture and food!

In the future, we plan to have a full-length theater show that we can perform in diverse venues, educational outreach performances, community gardening initiatives and food-centered cultural events in the bluegrass and beyond! We were recently selected to receive an ArtsMatch grant from the Fund for the Arts in Louisville, and are planning our first Louisville event for 2017. Other plans include extending our performance to include African-American perspectives and artists. So, from Appalatin, Casa de la Cultura Hispana, Jeri Katherine Howell, all the amazing volunteers who helped make our first event a success, and myself, Carla Gover, we thank the Kentucky Arts Council for all it does to help the arts continue to be a vibrant part of our state!

The Kentucky Arts Council’s SmARTy initiative recognizes artists, arts organizations, communities and other individuals and entities that are doing innovative work through the arts within the Commonwealth.

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