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Good food deserves better: mean mugs

‘Tis the season for me to sound off about serving your delicious holiday food on something better than garbage (i.e. disposable plates, utensils and bakeware). For the 2015-16 holiday season, I am turning my attention to a very specific kitchen item used by a very specific group of aficionados. Coffee drinkers are serious. There are […]

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Good food deserves better: revenge of the ramekin

This post has nothing to with ramekins. It’s just that this is the fourth in a series of musings about artful dinnerware, and I’m running out of clever sequel titles. If you’ve read the other three posts, you know the gist. If you’re going to entertain this holiday season – or anytime around the calendar […]

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Give a gift from Kentucky: good food deserves better!

Let’s be real. When you tell people that you will be entertaining for the holidays, it really means you will be serving a bunch of fattening foods and beverages in your brilliantly decorated home. The good thing is your guests are okay with that. They are not going to be impressed by your festive music […]

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Good food always deserves better (and sometimes bad food does too)!

This is the third in a series of posts I have written about Kentucky Crafted products for the kitchen and table.  I truly love functional pieces of art, and the vessels for your food should reflect the work and care you put into the cooking process. If you want to use paper plates, then just […]

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Good food still deserves better!

Around Christmas, I wrote a post about Kentucky Crafted artists who make great things for the holiday table. However, as humans, we eat in groups all year round.  And since the summer weather is becoming more tolerable, many Kentuckians are dining al fresco again.  In celebration of people getting together “just because,” here are a […]

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