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Objets d’pArt

“I want to help your cause. I really do. It’s worthy, you’re doing great things, I appreciate your hard work, it takes a special kind of person, etc. But, unless you make it really easy for me, I cannot. I don’t want to get an envelope, write out a check and go to the post office. I will most certainly forget to visit your Paypal site to make a donation. Forget about me volunteering; that is just not an option right now. I have a job and a household to run—a six-month-old baby, a husband, two dogs, many bills, many responsibilities and many others who want and need a piece of my time. Most days I do not have the apparatus to help my number one cause (me) let alone someone else’s.”

Above are my sincere apologies to every worthy organization that couldn’t get time or money out of me recently. I’m really sorry; I truly am. I am wracked with guilt. I should be on the rack! I just can’t find a way to fit it in. So, as you can see, I empathize with everyone who sighs, groans or panics when they receive a call from a Kentucky arts group to help them with advocacy. These are trying times for arts funding and related legislation. Arts enthusiasts all know that we have to do something, but these are also financially trying times in general. And time immemorial has been trying for busy, productive people. So what is the least we can do, and still be of some help to a cause in which we believe?

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You can wear a pin. Seriously—you can simply affix a pin to the lapel of your jacket. Furthermore, you can wear an attractive and tantalizing pin, and when fascinated people ask you about it, you can say, “That’s an interesting story.” You can explain that said pin is a custom, handmade piece by Kentucky Crafted artist Mark Needham and that you wear it because it is de rigueur for those wanting to show solidarity with Kentucky artists and arts groups. “See,” you might say, “It even says ‘art’ right on it.” You can also tell them that they too can have their very own, unique art pin for a mere $40 by contacting That’s $1.34 a day for a month ($1.30 if the month has 31 days).

To find out more about the art pin, go to Dress the pArt! on Kentucky Arts Council’s website.

Sarah Schmitt, arts access director

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