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The squeaky wheel gets the grease

We all have an opinion about what the government should be doing. We’re willing to share those opinions in line at the grocery store, while getting a hair cut, with people who always disagree with us and with bored family members. But how often are we willing to share those opinions when they actually matter and will be taken into consideration?

People who are passionate about the economic impact of the arts have a rare opportunity in the next few weeks. You can share your opinions with someone who will actually listen! Kentucky officials have hired the Arkansas consulting firm Boyette Strategic Advisors to determine how the Commonwealth can attract businesses and jobs using existing assets. The plan called “Kentucky’s Unbridled Future,” is detailed on Boyette Strategic Advisors website.

The best part of this plan is that you can provide your input by taking an online survey or attending one of the upcoming statewide economic development visioning meetings. Click the schedule below to find a meeting in your area:

Find a meeting near you

Businesses are attracted to communities with vibrant arts and cultural scenes. Supporting our existing arts infrastructure (a great Kentucky asset) is a way to lure businesses. If one of these meetings is coming to your area, it’s time for you to get out and be the “squeaky wheel” so the arts in Kentucky get the proper “grease.”

For facts and resources to take to your public meeting, contact or call 502-564-3757.

Sarah Schmitt, arts access director (with some help from Dan Strauss, senior program analyst)

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Squeaky Wheel

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