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Tempt Your Senses: Smell

With over 200 exhibitors working in wood, paint, silver, wool, chocolate, clay, silk and much more, Kentucky Crafted: The Market is a sense explosion. That’s why we chose “tempt your senses” as this year’s theme. We dare you to come to the Lexington Convention Center on March 2 – 3 and be tempted by all of the music, textures, smells, sights and tastes offered by Kentucky’s best artists and crafts people.  It will be impossible to walk away empty handed.

Although Market patrons are aware of the Kentucky Crafted Program’s reputation for marketing the best of Kentucky’s visual artists and craftsmen, many are surprised to see the finest in natural health and beauty products in our Market program.

It’s true—the Kentucky Crafted artist directory includes crafters of fine soaps, lotions and other body care items. Five will exhibit at the Market in March, and they are sure to tempt your sense of smell.

Anna’ EsSCENTials Bodycare – Booth 238

Karma anti-ageing soap

Sharon’s Karma anti-aging soap repairs damage and breathe’s new life in to skin with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

Sharon Lombardo creates “artisan soaps and body products with an emphasis on health and well-being.” She specializes in olive-based products amplified with other natural, healthy and fragrant additives. Her soaps are redolent of Kentucky with scents like “heirloom tomato” “go big blue,” “bluegrass spice of life,” and “Kentucky moonshine.”

Sassa Bella – Booth 318

Sassa Bella's acne care products

Typical acne products reuse the same, sad bag of tricks: salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Both products can irritate and dry skin, and often the acne remains. Luckily, nature has something better up her sleeve.

Sassa Bella offers products to care for your face, body, baby and even your furry friends of the equine or canine variety. Sassa Bella is unique among Kentucky Crafted body care artists, because their face products are specialized to treat tired, sensitive and irritated skin. Are you looking for a local and natural way to treat acne, fine lines and redness? Sassa Bella has a cream, cleanser, serum and toner just for your skin type. Sassa Bella is a new exhibitor at the 2013 Market.

Bluegrass Country Soap – Booth 457

Bluegrass Country Soaps

Bluegrass Country Soaps is also a Kentucky Proud product. It’s no wonder. Searching their scents is like picking out preserves at the farmer’s market. With so many varieties, there’s bound to be something to please any taste.

New to the Market in 2013, Bluegrass Country Soaps are “handmade from scratch using the (old fashioned) cold process method, which helps to retain oil’s natural conditioning and moisturizing properties and benefits.” And, of course, they have “Kentucky Rain” and a scent featuring the state fruit, “blackberry sage.”

Moss Hill Bath & Body Collection – Booth 341

Moss Hill Bath & Body

Moss Hill offers any product you might need to make you or your home smell gorgeous.

Moss Hill Bath& Body Collection is all about pampering. They offer several lines of candles, massage oils, soaps, colognes, linen spray, lotion, sachets and anything else to make you and your surroundings smell luscious. If you need help finding what you want, they even have a fragrance guide. And, of course, they pay homage to the natural olfactory beauty of Kentucky with “blue,” “bourbon” and “mint julep.”

LuciaSoapsEtc LLC – Booth 263


This legendary scent combination is supposed to protect wearers from the plague. Lucia makes no such claim, but it does smell lovely.

Lucia Felty has fond memories of the strange-smelling, odd-shaped lye soap on her grandmother’s kitchen and bathroom sinks. When her interest in making soap was piqued, she wanted to create an artisanal product  with pleasing scents and properties that promote healthy skin and have therapeutic value. Her products lines include face, foot and baby care, and fun items like fizzy bath cupcakes. Lucia also makes lotions, bath beads and lip balm in curious  scents like “four thieves” and “Cleopatra’s passion.”

Sarah Schmitt, arts access director

Are your sense tempted, yet? For more peeks and previews, check out our titillating Pinterest board.


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