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Two full days of live music on The Kentucky Stage!

I am a full-time, professional performing artist from Kentucky. It is both a challenging and rewarding line of work. I love every moment of my chosen path, and I get incredibly excited when I see big opportunities to highlight Kentucky music and spotlight the performing artists of Kentucky. I cannot recall a time in recent years when I have been more excited than right now. Here is why:

Kentucky Crafted: The Market returns to Lexington, Ky., March 1 – 4, 2012, at the Lexington Convention Center. For years, folks from all over have flocked to The Market to enjoy Kentucky’s finest arts, artists, crafts, food, workshops, seminars, performances, music, activities for the kids and more.

This year the Kentucky Arts Council, which produces this annual gathering of all things great in Kentucky, is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of this fabulous event. That alone is cause to celebrate! Thirty years is a long time, especially when talking about developing, growing, and sustaining an event the size and magnitude of the Market.

It’s no secret that there is always an abundance of super cool things happening at The Market: great food, Kentucky art & craft and insightful workshops, to name but a few. In years past, there was a cozy little stage nestled into the rear of the exhibit hall with performances from artists who are listed in the Performing Arts Directory.

However, this year there is a new focus on the LIVE music portion (hence my greatest excitement). The Kentucky Stage will be located in a separate room from the exhibit area, in the lobby entrance area of the Lexington Convention Center. Performances will be concert-style, loud & proud, and performing artists will be able to pull out all the stops to create their musical magic for the audience!

Carla Gover

Carla Gover. Appalachian tradition meets cutting edge songwriting and musicianship!

On March 3 & 4, attendees will be able to enjoy two full days of Kentucky’s finest and most talented performing artists in a concert setting. There is truly something for everyone with a broad and diverse array of genres presented including: gospel, rock, pop, singer/songwriter, roots-rock, folk, Americana, jazz, blues, thumbpicking, Celtic, bluegrass, traditional, Latin-American, Appalachian, swing, reggae and MORE! Shout out loud with me, “WOW!” Can you feel the excitement?



Appalatin. World music with a Kentucky soul.

It gets better. A one-day ticket is as little as $8 and a 2-day pass as little as $12, when bought in advance online. Additionally, kids 15 and under get in FREE! Furthermore, the ticket price gets you access to the exhibit hall, food vendors, and all areas of The Market. It’s OK to say it again, “WOW!”

Music lovers across the land now have a reason to come, gather, make a little noiseand enjoy this celebration! Round up your friends, pack up the kids, and make plans to make a trip to Lexington, Ky. for an incredible music experience. We’ll have plenty of seating available and close access to food and drink, not to mention everything else at The Market!

The 2012 Market presents new opportunities for both Kentucky performing artists and Kentucky music lovers alike. Rarely does one get a chance to experience such a diverse and talented group of artists, all for only a few bucks admission. Please make it a point to come out and support Kentucky’s finest performing artists on March 3rd & 4th in Lexington, Ky.!

Oh and in case you were wondering, if you want to hear more of the artists you’ll see on The Kentucky Stage, CDs will be available. After you enjoy the show, make sure to stop by the Marketplace booth located right across from the Kentucky Stageand buy a few. Take the wonderful vibe and the contagious grooves home with you for yourself and others to enjoy.

One final thing. We need your help! Check out the complete lineup, details, ticket information, and more on our official Facebook Page. LIKE the page, SHARE the page, tell all of your friends about the page and please help us spread the word!


Amos Hopkins

Amos Hopkins. Everything from foot-stomping music to sentimental ballads.

Thanks for YOUR support of Kentucky Music and Performing Artists! I’ll see YOU at The Kentucky Stage at The Market, for two full days of FABULOUS Kentucky Music! It’s going to ROCK!


Heath Eric

Heath Eric & Molly G












Peace, Love, Joy, & Diversity,

Heath Eric

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They had to drag me kicking and screaming, but here I am

I was in high school when the first iPods and other MP3 players arrived. At that point, they were still a novelty. Typical consumers were not aware that CDs were about to be replaced by a new format and that people would be buying, sharing and consuming music in a new way.

Even as these devices improved in price and function, I was still hesitant. I clung to my stacks of jewel cases, and convinced myself that people would tire of the lesser sound quality of the ethereal MP3 and the introverted selfishness implied by wearing ear buds. I liked having a tangible item of music with paper album covers. I liked sharing music openly with friends.

Then again, I am not a Luddite. I also liked the idea that I could back up my music as many times as I wanted and carry all of it anywhere. I liked that MP3s are cheaper; you don’t have to buy a whole album for one song.

On a shopping trip three years ago, I happened upon some recently-recorded 180 gram LP records. The records are perfect for an audiophile, and many included a voucher to download the MP3 files. After this discovery I only bought these music products, but they were few and far between.  As a result, I stopped buying music all together. I was in music limbo, so I began migrating all of my CDs to the digital format. When I became pregnant, I decided to get an iPod to make playlists for the delivery and labor (sidenote—this never came to fruition). After my baby was born in March, my husband convinced me to sell all of our CDs to make much-needed room in our home. The process was cathartic.

Just a few of the Performing Arts Directory artists you can find in the ether.

Today I buy MP3s exclusively. Many music lovers came to this conclusion years ago. If you are a fan of Kentucky performers, then rest assured that your favorite artists have evolved right along with you. Carla Gover, Appalatin, Heath Eric, Juggernaut Jug Band, Downtown County Band and Lorinda Jones are among the arts council Performing Arts Directory artists that can be found on iTunes or CD Baby.

If you’re still holding fast to paper liner notes, don’t worry. We will be waiting here for you.

Sarah Schmitt, arts access director

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