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A rich “legacy” of the STEAM in STEM

STEM stand for Science Technology Engineering and Math – the core subjects in a school curriculum. What moves them forward with the greatest momentum? The Arts – putting the STEAM in STEM. Arts integrated curriculum, a curriculum in any arts discipline or core subject that utilizes the arts to enhance the classroom instruction,  is a great way to make learning more accessible. This is even even better when the community gets involved. Kate Sprengnether, the public art manager for the Lexington Legacy Trail, speaks about curating the art pieces for the legacy trail and how Lexington worked together to inspire learning through a community based art project.

You may know Pat Ritter, Kentucky Arts Council arts education roster artist, as a  muralist and multi-faceted musician and visual artist, but did you know she has a history of bringing science, technology, engineering and math into the classroom utilizing the visual arts? View the video to observe how you can utilize public art, an arts educator and the Cane Run Watershed to open the door for all learners in your classroom and allow them to step into the world of science.

How are you utilizing the arts in your classroom? Do the arts play a role in science, technology, engineering and math in your school’s curriculum? How does the community factor into the equation? We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Carrie Nath, arts education director

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